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You will live better.

You will find more people who have similar goals and meet your needs.
You will find more reliable information faster.
Our computer scientists help you find better computers and use them more efficiently.




You can include files and other nice things in your message, and even connect it to objects in other apps; you can share it with 1+ people. What you don't share is your private log.



You can manage teams, and process and manage files. When people ask about your background, give them access to your activity in the communication app!


information management

We organize information better and present it beautifully. You can use the connected communication app to talk with your acquaintances about what you learn and with our educators about ways to apply it.

our apps
your way

We design starting from you and what you want for a better life.
Once you use our apps, you won't need to change your computing habits again:
we optimize your experience.

You'll see on your screen natural colors, more shapes (Sick of rectangles?), a more lively interface in general.
We let you change fonts, colors, sizes etc.
We are going to use Ethereum to build decentralized apps which run without downtime and censorship.

Commun search

The Commun app includes many functions; we start with the search. You can post a message with labels like buy, running shoes, size 10 etc. People searching for your labels can let you know that they sell such a product. You can search using labels and sort the results by message time, author location, price etc. You can be notified of new messages containing matching labels (e.g. sell and running shoes). You can also search for people who enrich your life.

Commun connections

You can follow any user.
You choose whose messages reach your feed (public) or your board (private).

Commun profile

The message board replaces e-mail. We estimate that spam will be about 0% of the incoming messages.

Includes your public messages and replaces blogging.

You can see what labels you have used. This helps e.g. see a list of messages to a certain circle of people.

Includes the messages you have shared with your groups. You can allow other people to view this list.

Your votes are listed here. You can allow other people to view this list.
This app includes voting functions even for millions of voters.

Messages can be website paragraphs, product cards etc. You can present yourself, your team, your activities etc.
You can enable a gallery of videos, audio files and images.

Commun messages
One message type, many uses.
You can include and position any component, e.g.
  • background
  • text
  • tables
  • files
  • URL snippets
  • labels
  • poll
  • event
  • post / schedule
  • Edit alone or in a team.
  • vote up / down
  • threaded replies
  • share
  • You can add a reply, which links the 2 conversations.
  • Copy a component to another message.
You can manage nets of labels.
You have a better overview of the message board, and your audience a better overview of your channel.
You can edit the display width.
We will place on each message side a pair of buttons for going to the previous message and to the next message.
When an author colors the message background, you can have such colors cover the feed background.
You manage files using the connected data management app.
You can communicate while you process files.
You can submit messages as articles to the encyclopedia. You are paid after they are published.
Commun groups

If you label a message that you post in a group, a topic is created and you can place this label in a label net of the group. Moderators can edit the text and place of group labels.
You can create nets of groups and be a member of any group and subgroup.

Commun notifications

Will be as conspicuous as you want.
You can turn on / off each type of notifications, e.g. for the entire feed or board.
You can ask to be notified of messages with any number of labels, created by any author, or by authors from any number of circles or groups.
Starting from a message or notification you can create tasks and set reminders.
You can use colors to identify notification types and message authors.


This app helps you manage files.
You choose where your files are hosted.
You can process files in teams.
When you want to sell a file, you can offer others a preview, one full view or the right to download.


This is the encyclopedia that collects good work that has already been done, provides new research, gives you better contexts and makes information more usable.
We want to increase the understanding of our environment and create e.g. templates for solving problems and improving ways in which we work, transport, teach, provide healthcare etc.


These apps are useful to every adult.
Here are the benefits for some people:

artists & entertainers

Can present their work better and connect it to articles in our encyclopedia.
Can contribute and feature multimedia articles.
Can choose where their files are stored and what rights to these files they grant.

scientists & educators

Can feature their work more effectively.
Earn by submitting articles to the encyclopedia and helping people apply information in their lives.
Can build teams who advance research, and help solve problems and save resources.

entrepreneurs & innovators

Can showcase their products and designs more successfully.
Can produce better work faster.
Can retrieve and manage information more efficiently.
Can consult more clearly with their circles of interest.


We have expressed our thoughts above.
Express yours, too!


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